Friday, 11 March 2011

Welcome to our new blog

Wow this is excitng - a new blog where we can post all our news, details of the events we have coming up and any other bit and pieces.  We'll try and keep it interesting and not waffle on too much.

So where do we start?! 

Well first things first - we have another ice cream tricycle on order due with us next week which is fantastic.  We can't believe that we only started last March with the one tricycle and we've had such a good response to the tricycle and our service that demand has gone through the roof! 

Obviously the ice cream we have on board is utterly amazing and last year every customer commented with 'wow this is to die for'!  Got to thank our two taste testers, the Cole sons Oliver and Drewe who helped us choose our scrumptious ice cream.  As you can imagine it was a difficult job having to taste so many different ice creams!

The wedding season is also fast approaching and we'll be at two wedding fayres this March; The Roslin on the 26th March and The Rochford Hotel on the 20th March.  Already July and August are nearly booked for this summer so dates are going fast.  The tricycle service is really proving popular and guests love it.  It's great to be part of someone's special day and everyone is so happy and relaxed.  Many older generations come over and have a chat about the tricycle and it brings back all those memories from when they were kids. 

We've also got a number of events coming up across Essex, including vintage fairs, fun days, classic car shows and wild wood days.  We'll keep you posted with the details as they're great days out for the family and most of them are free or cheap, and money raised goes to local charities.  We usually take the boys with us as they love to go to all the events as well.   I'm sure they'll be plenty more painted faces to be had and bouncy castles to jump on this year. 

Also, if you're local to Southend and you enjoy our ice cream and would like a 500ml (size of a Ben & Jerry pot) take home pot.  They're only £3.70 each.  We have Clotted Cream Vanilla with seeds, Double Chocolate fudge, Clotted Cream and Raspberry and Honeycomb.  Just let us know what you would like and we'll bring them along to an event with us.

We hope to see you at some of the events we'll be at, so please do come over and say hi and of course, have an ice cream.

Roll on summer.......



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